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Posted on Aug 16, 2017 by VINNY LA BARBERA

Is your website a useful resource for community specific information in the areas you serve?

Unless you can show that prospective home buyers are flocking to, staying on and inquiring from your community info pages, then your answer to this question is most likely “No.”

We want to help you change that, especially since these pages are so important to the success of your website – for both SEO and lead generation.

In this article we are going to explain why these pages are important, review some good and bad community info pages and then provide specific tips on how you can have one of the most effective real estate websites with the perfect community info page(s).

ng in the emergence of a park land.

Focus on sustainability:

The new capital will make use of the sustainability technologies of today as well as be adaptable to future technologies while supporting a healthy lifestyle.

With over 10,000 km of boulevards, avenues and streets, the city will be pedestrian-friendly. It will have vibrant recreational spaces to bring people together. It will be buzzing with life day and night

The vision is focused on best practices in design, ecology and culture. The city will have a variety of medium and high-density districts to address the issues of land constraint and population density.

(Photos available in the e-mail attachement)

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