Uptown Cairo ( New Cairo)

Unique Location

At 200 metres above sea level, see Cairo with fresh eyes, as tranquillity is reborn beneath the city’s warm skies. Discover 4.5 million sqm of luxury,
indulgence and comfort within a few minutes from 6th of October Bridge and New Cairo via Emaar Drive.

Find your luxurious home with Uptown Cairo’s array of apartments, townhouses and villas. Some of the property types may be sold out or unavailable. If you have specific requirements our property advisers can recommend other alternatives in our current or future communities.

While Uptown Cairo is easily accessible from booming downtown Cairo, Emaar is currently constructing a three-lane highway that will connect the development with the entirety of the city. The North Road, which is currently operational, links 6th of October Bridge to Uptown’s main gate, thus creating a direct path from all ends of the city to the urban development. A further development of Emaar Drive will be connecting New Cairo to Uptown Cairo via Mehwar el Shaheed