Pricing a property properly is bar none the most important thing you can do as an exceptional real estate agent, avoiding giving in to the desire of saying what will make sellers happy just to attract more business. Top notch real estate agents will price each home using their training, understanding of the market and comparable sales.


Understanding how to price a home is one of the agent’s most valuable skills. Smart sellers should be looking for the agents who sell homes for close to the original listing price. The best Real Estate agents have a reputation for pricing homes accurately and not telling a seller what they want to hear to get a listing is considered one of the lowest immoral things a Real Estate agent can do, violating the code of ethics we are supposed to follow.

As a seller, you should be aware that pricing a home too high can cause major issues to the sale, pushing buyers to avoid it, and if they avoided the home for a long time, it will start developing a bad reputation. Eventually, you will be forced to drop the price to be competitive in the marketplace, but at this point; the home will be already stuck with the bad reputation, haunting the sale down.

Even with a competitive price, buyers will be likely to low-ball you after a while. Ultimately you may sell the house for less than what you would have if you had priced it correctly from the early beginning. The seller loses out, and the agent’s reputation suffers.

While some agents will intentionally misrepresent a home’s value to get business, others do it accidently due to the lack of skill or the absence of experience of pricing the home correctly.



Marketing is one of the areas where your Real Estate expert should implement, transcend and shine, taking great pictures for your selected property, since the photography of your selected home is absolutely one of essential elements if you are willing to sell properties nowadays.

I can tell you directly how appalling it can be seeing some of the posted photos by real estate agents of their client’s homes. And what is probably even worse are the sellers who never bother themselves looking over their own properties pictures, which might be awfully captured by their unprofessional agent.


The internet will be where home buyers discover your chosen home, so if your home’s pictures are lousy and corrupted, you will lose out an important significant amount of traffic and purchasers.

Your Real Estate agent should be well versed on how to get the word out, using all the available marketing channels. Ideally, your real estate agent should have a website that draws traffic, showcasing all the available properties for sale. They should also be using social media, like Facebook, Google+, and other platforms, to spread the word through these online options which will take some time to be professionally developed but will ultimately support and strengthen their business and help their client’s property get seen, checked and sold.

The Real Estate agents marketing material should be clear, catchy and top-notch, investing in the quality of the Real Estate agent who understands how crucial the marketing is to reap and earn extensive significant benefits.



A seller needs to know what is going on with the sale of their property, since too many Real Estate agents get the client, lay back and then only check back in with the seller when they get an offer. And on the other hand, Real Estate agents should regularly update their customers with the feedback from the showings and notify with anything else that may concern them. Even if there are no available offers, keeping in touch with the seller lets them know that you are working on the wanted track, doing something and worth paying for.

Surveys are done and executed regularly, and the #1 complaint from the consumers towards the real estate agents is the lack of proper communication. Real Estate agents who don’t communicate get bad reputations among their peers and their clients, yet there are some clues as a home seller you can observe before hiring an agent, that will give you a pretty good indication of how things will be moving forward. Do they return your calls or emails promptly? Regarding our vision, all phone calls or emails should be returned within an hour, unless you are already with another client, no excuse for poor communication, as staying in touch is something all sellers have a right to expect from their Real estate agents.



Anybody can say they are interested in buying a property, BUT the good agent will make sure that those buyers are qualified and capable of doing this.



The best agents will go out of their way to fight hard through different methods and techniques for the best terms and conditions for their clients. After all, this is what they are paid to do.


A boundaryless Real Estate agent will never think about their pocket book, but what makes the most sense for their client, and this is one of the reasons why you should never choose an agent who “needs” to make a sale. When you hire an agent, who isn’t worried about when their next sale takes place, you will get much better advice.


Real Estate agents who advocate their clients are always striving for the best possible terms and conditions for the transaction, knowing that everything in Real Estate contracts is negotiable, good agents when warranted don’t hesitate to counteroffer with a price that is more favorable to their client, using the necessary negotiation skills  to get the job done right for their own client.

If a client wants adjustments to contingency dates or closing times, these should be negotiated appropriately, understanding the real value of each element to the customer, pushing to get the clients everything they possibly can, offering the best of the best of what they can do.



In summary, the traits you should be looking for in a real estate agent are within these attributes:

  • Honesty above all. The Real estate agent should put YOUR needs before their own.


  • Professionalism is the market’s key, From the dress to the manners. The agent you hire is the extension of yourself to everyone encountering in the home sale journey.


  • Excellent communication skills; does the agent stay in good touch with their clients?


  • Strong negotiator – You want a tiger, not a pussy cat.


  • Creative marketer – remember you are not looking for the agent that does the bare minimum. Is there a comprehensive marketing plan?
  • Exceptional company and personal reputation – is the agent and the firm they work for looked up to as leaders?


  • Experience and proven results – does the agent possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you in unforeseen circumstances? Do they sell in all types of markets? Are they successful in all kinds of markets and not just when homes are selling like hotcakes?

When you take the time to look for these things in a Real Estate agent, your success will be massive and will skyrocket!

  • THE Experienced qualified voice:

Our agents won’t take it for granted that you know all the market insights; the ins and outs of the buying & the selling process, we know that sometimes you don’t have the whole picture of the jam-packed property dealings. Accordingly, our practiced representatives will be providing you with the full explanation of what to expect, which is the most important part of the owning progression, in order not to face any surprises or misunderstandings along your way.




One of the opening questions our real estate agents will be asking is the reason behind the need of change; the question of why you are moving and what are you looking for regarding your next doorstep. Then our skilled agents will start exploring all your time constraints or any special limitations you might have, putting into consideration your financial situation and all your significant future plans.

Our experts will also help you, with deciding where you want to live and what type of houses will suit you the best, introducing the plenty available housing options in the marketplace according to your needs and current situation; new homes, resale homes, or any other available option. We can also guide you choosing the best option, the one suits your current and projected lifestyle.

What type of investment are you seeking for your upcoming step? Residential, commercial…etc.? We are collecting the parts of knowing you, to handle your purchase perfectly, reaching your complete satisfaction and serenity.



We will help you identifying what you want? Our specialists will compare your needs, your requests and your budget with what is available over the marketplace, linking the existing facts and presenting recommendations for the best opportunities to save your time and effort.

They will be also accompanying you through the whole journey, viewing the properties and helping you to assess their suitability and price. As an expert on a property, a Findwell agent can provide facts and insights about the neighborhood. In other words, they will work hard with you, achieving and hitting your “dream”.




We are very experienced in arranging and setting up fair deals. Our agents will assist you in negotiating and accomplishing the best offer, acting as the mediator to head off any potential conflicts that might happen between you and the seller, drawing up a legally binding contract.