Egypt’s real estate forecast in 2019

Posted on Feb 20, 19

While approaching a new year, many are looking forward to knowing what’s in the Egyptian real estate market. There is a report showed a current huge demand, more than 900,000 units annually in Egypt, with 239,600 units still needed in Cairo only in 2018/2019. The market has 150 developers who deliver 25,000 units annually.


Also, there are many real estate brokerage still making very good off-plans sales regarding their flexible payment terms, and They have diversification in units size to satisfying clients demand. You can find houses for sale, apartments for rent, commercial real estate, and more for uncountable units and projects.


In the other side, there is a positive dynamic in west Cairo in the coming period for less competition and lower prices by almost 50%. West Cairo also sees foreign investments that encourage developers to launch further projects.