Investment increase in the residential segment of the real estate market due to the strong demand on properties.

Posted on Jan 14, 19

There has been a debate lately about whether the real estate sector is going through a phase that will end in disaster or is growing normally.

The Egypt Property Show (EPS), held in Dubai in April, witnessed a huge increase in property sales this year.

The event, which provides property development companies, egypt’s biggest realtors, and real estate firms with a platform to reach potential foreign investors, found success, and sales increased to $110m, which is the double to last year’s total.

Apartment and villa sales increased by 59% and 16%, respectively, in 2017.

There is no doubt that Egypt’s economy depends greatly on the real estate sector and property value, as properties represent a remarkable value of Egyptian families’ wealth who can put their money in houses for sale or invest in their properties.

real estate will continue to be an important sector for families especially for lower-income classes and for the overall economy, but it won’t be an easy ride for the unprepared.