Is it Better to Invest Money in Real Estate or the Stock Market?

Posted on Nov 5, 18

Real estates have more advantages than the stock market; being able to leverage your money, cash flow, tax breaks, appreciation, and the biggest of them all, is that you can buy your real estate below market value.

This time of the year, there are some below market value real estates in north coast projects, such as La Vista Topaz, Bo Island north coast, Swan lake north coast, Amwaj north coast, Marassi, Hacienda Bay, Laguna Bay, and Bay resort.

Also, in New Cairo, there exists plenty of new projects in which you can invest your money onto, like La Terra New Cairo, Katameya Palms New Cairo, Katameya Hills, Layan residence New Cairo and Mountain View. Therefore Investing your money into real estates is more profitable if you do your homework and take the time to choose great properties in the right time.