Real estate Egypt tax: Between validity and objection

Posted on Aug 11, 18

The state has been running a campaign encouraging citizens to submit real estate tax declarations before Aug. 15. The campaign was faced with resentment by many citizens who have been confused about how it is calculated, exemptions, and penalties.

The confusion stems from the fact that Egypt has not almost had such a type of tax as owners of commercial units used to pay a tiny amount of cash every year. The new bill imposes tax on residential units such as (houses for sale, villas for sale, property for sale, apartments) above a certain value as well as any units that are finished but not occupied.

Tax Consultant Yasser Maharem says that real estate Egypt tax has been adopted since 1847, and that amendments took place in 1954 and 2008. However, the last bill was not activated until 2013. In 2017, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi endorsed the bill and it was activated.