The implementation of real estate projects in Egypt in the last 4 years.

Posted on Feb 3, 19

In the last 4 years, it has been implemented 375 real estate projects in Egypt, for an area over of 75 thousand acres with investments exceeding 5 trillion pounds. These projects provide more than 450,000 jobs directly as well as indirect opportunities.


The ministry of housing plays a principal role in boosting the production of investment rate, where more than 115 decisions were issued related to 15 new cities, including decisions related to 23 projects in the new capital, where found apartments for rent, houses for sale, property for sale and real estate agent to help you select your home at your specifications. Also, he provided land with areas of 20 thousand feddans and 36 plots on an area of 950 acres for real estate investment.


The budget of the Urban communities authority is 72 billion pounds for the current year, including 5.6 billion pounds in the cities of upper Egypt to implement 12 projects.